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End of Public Health Emergency:
How will this Impact the use of StationMD for Behavioral Health?

As you know, PHP has been working with StationMD since 2018, the outcomes from this benefit for members has been extremely positive and we will continue our relationship with StationMD as we move past the Public Health Emergency.

We wanted to share some updates as to how this will change some of the flexibilities that were allowed over the past 3 years. The national public health emergency (PHE) is scheduled to end on May 11, 2023. The PHE granted StationMD some flexibilities related to their operations, with the end of the PHE, there will be some impacts to StationMD practices, the main effect is around the prescription of controlled medications.

For StationMD’s Urgent/Emergent line of business to be compliant with federal DEA regulations, after May 11, 2023, their urgent care service line clinicians will no longer be able to prescribe controlled substances. All other urgent care services will remain in place. This currently represents <1% of all calls, and we continue to encourage members to utilize StationMD for urgent supports including those related to medications, the StationMD physician can advise if a requested or needed medication is on the controlled substance list and something they cannot provide in their capacity.

 For StationMD’s Behavioral Health line of business, to be compliant with federal DEA regulations, after, May 11, 2023, their behavioral health practitioners will only be able to prescribe controlled substances if a qualified telemedicine referral is obtained. The DEA details specific requirements for this referral. The referral must be obtained from a physician, nurse practitioner, or a physician assistant that has a DEA license in the state the patient resides and has seen the patient, in person, for a medical reason. It must have the patient demographics, the referring clinician’s name and NPI, the consulting clinician’s name and NPI, a list of diagnoses, list of medications, and a treatment plan. Most commonly, the patient’s primary medical provider can complete the referral, but it can be any provider that meets the above requirements.

Members who currently receive behavioral health supports from StationMD have been contacted regarding the steps required to continue working with their current StationMD provider and all future referrals will include the appropriate physician referral as part of the intake packet.

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